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Speedometer sensor not working

speedometer sensor not working I have read this may be the vehicle speed sensor on the transmission. The other day while driving at about 60 mph, guage needle bounced from 60 MPH to 20 MPH and back to 60 MPH. My speedometer will work when I first use my car in the morning, but after about ten minutes of driving it quits working and then the odometer stops and the cruise control will not work. HI Everyone. Cruise ready light works, but the security light fades in and out. This should work. If the instrument cluster is KAPUT you are going to notice the following symptoms: Speedometer and rev counter stop working after a few miles riding, odo and clock starting to flash. then go ahead and check the connector to your instrument cluster or the harness, you can check the instrument cluster using the wiring diagram. Tach showed rpms fine. If this is not the case, then the VCM itself will have to be checked for a problem. In a few cases, the sensor's tip can collect dirt and debris, which prevents the sensor from operating properly. Speedometer spot working while driving I replaced the speed sensor on the rear diferential but did not fixed and I purchased the vss sensor but I could not find the Pretty sure they pick up the speed and distance off the rear ABS sensor. If either of these two sensors falls out of alignment or experience electrical issues, it impacts the operation of the entire transmission. The speedometer is an important part of the car engine as it indicates the speed of your vehicle while on the road. It's stuck at 0. If not, replace the sensor. 1996 Ford ranger Speedometer has stopped working. The new speedometer is pretty pricey from the dealer. Try to duplicate the problem under the road load condition, if you don't lose the signal from the speed sensor and you lose the speedometer, then the speedometer is bad. After researching the symtoms on this board and others, I replaced the vehicle speed sensor but the problem remains. Often the DSC unit can be bad and the signal does not leave the module for those things I mentioned above. Owners manual made it sound like something severe. A speedometer repair or replacement can be done in your own garage. Changes in the car Speedometer not working. He said research to see if your vr4 is ran by a sensor or cable. The other sensor is the output shaft speed (OSS) sensor. unplug your speedometer sensor on the transmission. I have replaced the sensor on the top of the rear diff as well as the connector without any change. If you are having problems with the speedometer jumping, connecting sometimes and not always, or your tachometer works, and not your speedometer or odometer then unplug the transmission connector and look at it. i have heard many times but only seen once, a battery that was dying causing the same issue. Put the key in the ignition and turn the engine over and take it for a test drive. If the speedometer on your automatic transmission Ford vehicle is not working, check the tail end of the transmission to see if the vehicle speed sensor (VSS The older speedometers were made up of wires and gears, but the modern speedometer is driven by speed sensors. When there are some engine speed sensor problems, an error code will be sent to the car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU). The ECM is not able to read from the sensor :screwy: while it's throwing code for that. Sometimes only the speedo is affected, other times the signal is so bad or non-existent that the FI lights goes ON and the ECM puts it in limp mode. If you read my last post and a few others by ppl in this thread the sensor on the rear diff is for the abs, but I have had one person tell me that the sensor there runs the speedo and others ssay that it does not. If this doesn't work then try option 2. This weekend my speedometer has developed a fault. More than likely its going to be the problem anyway so if your not up for testing just pick up a new one. It was fine last night. It's rare when the sensor fails, they do, but rarely. 09-15-2005, 04:47 PM. There is a Speedometer sensor on the lower part of the transmission Yes it is the VSS it is hard to see from the top, but you can get to it from under the car. The cable is a bit like a mini driveshaft: if one end of the cable rotates, so does the other—even though the cable is long and bendy. It works by air pressure to the speedometer head run through a thin, plastic tube which connects to a pressure arm mounted on the stern of the boat. the vss is one part of a sensor system which helps to keep you safe (traction control, abs, cruise control). The issue where the car "drives itself" without my foot on the pedal happened shortly after the speed sensor/speedometer stopped working. 99% of the time it was zero. Creating consumer demand with emissions legal products for street and off-road that can be sold worldwide, Hypertech products will impact profitability throughout the distribution chain. If the wires are good and not broken or corroded, and you have reasonable connections, then its either in the sensor or the "reciever" (in this case instrument cluster). Where would the sensor ground usually locayed. If it does, slightly press the slottedpart together with a plier or similar tool, but not too much, or it won't go back on the shaft. (OSS) sensor is a When i looked down at my instrument panel i noticed my speedometer wasn't working. Unless that's what you did, when you replaced "sensor". it's kinds towards the front of the Rhino and inder the gear shift. Buy It Now. Truck's output speed sensor and harness failed while moving through an intersection and downshifted the vehicle into low gear almost causing an accident. Another thing to try is pulling the sensor and cleaning off any metal bits that could be stuck to it, and probing with a little magnet in the hole to clean out the bits that you can. There is an input and an output speed sensor on the 4. If nothing happens, the sensor is broken. A speed sensor does not only indicate the vehicle speed but also help with cruise control Issues with the ECU. Looked it up on here and figured it was either my rear speed sensor or my transmission speed sensor. There is no cable, and the gears on the back of the instrument cluster have nothing to do with the speedo not working. RESULT :- no change. Well, I just got done changing both of them, one at a time of course, and the speedometer still doesnt work. Via Email We suggest lifting your dash assembly to inspect the speedometer plug and related harness. 1996 Ford ranger Speedometer has stopped working. 4 miles. The ONLY thing that is not working is the speedometer. Guage needle started to get bouncy about a month ago. Outside Air Temperature Sensor Installation (Speedometer only) 1. 2005 FLHRI, speedometer, odometer, check engine light do not work. Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Ranger yourself? What have you tried so far? I haven Change the instrument cluster with a used one. Sometimes they working, but most of the time not (and, of course, odometer also doesn't work, when speedometer is out). I was told it was the cluster and that it came with a spare turbo cluster. Also check that all ground wires were re-attached. Install the mounting adapter. Other bike Ive owned have the speedo calbe connected to the front wheel, and obviously the 2007 Tuono doesnt. So this last weekend I replaced the Speed sensor with one i got at o'reilly auto parts and once in I drove the Motor home around the block to see if anything was fixed. And it started to work again after I had turned the car off for a few minutes but this worries me. All my gauges work fine except for the speedometer and odometer (VDO). To check the speed sensor go in the engine compartment and as you face the back of the boat it is the wire that is going through the back bottom left of the boat. Just want to double check this, ive read many forums and the abs sensor on the rear differential is what gives the speedometer its reading correct? Would that also explain wy the abs light and brake light turn on? Cruise control gets it reading from the sensor near the end of the transmission? Yes, one side of the 116987 sensor (RN wire) goes to both the speedometer and the odometer, but the other V wire (which I think is a constant +12V source) comes only from the odometer assembly (and unfortunately, the interior details of the odometer assembly are not shown). Still no luck. Wanted to make sure everything was ok. 8S4Z-7H103-A is the part number. Also, my 'O/D off' light is blinking. but the hour meter is working. Don't disconnect green electrical connectors to remove tank, remove the three most bottom screws of speedometer housing. i checked the wires and they all seem fine. I believe that the right rear wheel speed sensor sends the vehicle speed to the cluster. The speed reading is based on fixed tire sizes, which are preset into the ECU straight out from the factory. Does anyone know how to fix this and will it cost a lot of money? Also since the speedometer is not working the odometer Re: 2002 Santa Fe Speedometer and Odometer not working With TCS and ABS the sensor is part of the ABS system - the scan will not display C series -C1203 - that is why there is no codes showing. I did a search here and elsewhere to see if this was a common problem, but based on what I have read, mine is a little different. Went over to my buddies and we connect my unit to his bike (05 950) and it works fine. Odometer showed 136,325 miles but was not incrementing. You can pull the plug to inspect for corrosion and use… Read more » Speedometer not working. Hi all, Working on a 94 Town Car for a friend of mine. You should get a tiny voltage reading from it in a very rythmic pulse, it's a (kind of) hall effect sensor that creates it's own voltage and that is what makes the reading on the speedo. His speedometer doesn't work. There is a Korean Auto parts store on the web where you can Once you've got a percentage to work with, plug the calibration device into the speed sensor–in Fenske's case, attached to the transmission–and follow the instructions to program in the correct easiest thing to do is find someone with a 99-03 Roadstar (04+ have different connections) and swap out speedo assemblies . My question is, that is this stabilizer also common with temp gauge or not. Hey - I have a 2004 FXSTI. Any and all other suggestions would be appreciated. right front WSS (wheel speed sensor) 94 Honda accord speedometer not working [ 1 Answers ] I have a 94 honda accord LX coupe manual. 2. If this is the case, disconnect the instrument connector located on the back of the cluster. The speedometer stopped working and I had the speed sensor changed but it's still not working. Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Ranger yourself? What have you tried so far? I haven Change the instrument cluster with a used one. If this is the code that you have it could mean any of the following problems could be causing the speedometer not to work. When I bought the truck, it had no GEM module. level 2 Federal standards in the United States allow a maximum 5 mph error (plus-or-minus) at a speed of 50 mph on speedometer readings for commercial vehicles (CFR-393. does your speedo have a physical sensor that is sitting somewhere in a housing? Usually in transmission bell housing, reading driveshaft revolutions. There's the speedometer gearbox which is part that the axle goes through. Look at the plug from the wiring harness. All you would need is a 9V battery, some wire, and an LED. replaced the sensor and everything worked fine after that . The speed Wiring Issues – Exposed wiring to or from the VSS can cause your LeSabre’s speedometer to no longer work. There is no relation to having just changed the fuel pump simply a coincidence. Probably going to have to remove the gas tank (again. I had a 1999 international 9300 with a 18 speed eaton that had just been installed and I had the rpm guage working but no speedo, International told me it wouldn't be the speed sensor as it would make both guage not work. a bad speed sensor within six months just doesn't sound right. If the cruise is working and the check engine light is on, the problem is likely with the speedometer itself. Brown: Sensor + White: Sensor – 4. Checked all the connections on the back of the speedometer and reflowed all the joints that looked like they needed it. I do not know if the axle sensor has the same procedure. The indicated speed must not be more than 110 percent of the true speed plus 4 km/h at specified test speeds. Still says I have . I tested the speed sensor in the diff and it is working, the batteries in my SI board are reading 3. There are two tests that you can do that will help identify a bad sensor. Tachometer speedometer and odometer all quit working. e. (1 long + 1 short flash) Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) outputs +5 volt pulses when the rear wheel is moving. Im on your same situation 2 weeks ago, and guess what I also end up with working 2 speedo gear and 2 speed sensor still on the box, both on working condition. I phoned a couple Toyota automotive repair shops and was told that it was either the cluster or the sensor on the transmission. That sucks you paid all that money to replace the #2 sensor and it didn't work. I would like to - Saab 93 question The other day I took off my multi function speedometer on my 06 950 to route some wires and now the speedometer and mileage does not work but everything else works. Eventually I'll replace it with a new one, I just needed it working asap so I could get my inspection done. Bought new sensor and dis every thing I new possible to clear codes. After a second trip to the parts store The speed sensor had nothing to do with the problem. Prior year vehicles also had the same recall and Ford replaced the sensor as customer satisfaction. The speedometer chip was not working, and as I indicated, you can probably fix it by just bending the ceramic resonator component on the speedometer itself. 3l 4x4. Turn the ignition off, pull the key out. After a sensor swap if your problem persists check a couple of other things to divide and conquer. Fixing either of these pieces require removing the sub assembly from the transaxle. Since the speed sensor appears to be working okay and the cluster has been tested and found to be fine the likely cause of the GMC speedometer not working is either a problem with the wiring or connectors between the VCM and the cluster. Inspect for a secure connection or possible harness damage. The speedometer stopped working one day. Speedometer & odometer not working. Chances are your speedo sensor has gone bad. DTC's for speed sensors are in the 500's. then a couple days later the air bag light came If the scanner reads 0 mph when the truck is moving, then it's not getting any speed input from whatever speed sensor is on the truck. It ok . 2001 Sportsman 400 of the speed sensor shaft. Put the key in the ignition and turn to 'ON' but do not turn over. Ford has a current recall on the software but not the sensor. 3rd, goto a continuity test to see if the wires from the sensor is intact to the cluster: disconnect ECU plug, find terminal #32, put an ohmeter on that pin & body ground, lift rear of car up, spin rear wheel by hand you'll see a reading /\ if not, u got a break in da wire, yo! The speedometer doesn't work with electricity, so there is no fuse. I also put the spindle of the sensor in to a drill just to see if that made a reading on the speedometer and still no luck . Showed I was going 360km/h when all the other wheel sensors showed I was doing 60km/h. When I bought my 1986 944, the speedometer and odometer were not working. I have a similar issue. I got one from the local Ford dealership. The speed sensor pickup is on the left side of the drive shaft below the secondary clutch on the 800 IQ anyway mine was damaged by a blown belt and splicing the wires back together fixed mine. sodamninsane · Registered. Mechanic's Assistant: Is there anything else the Mechanic should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you. Make sure that you have the speedo sensor in all the way, mine wasn't all the way in the new tail piece, and wouldn't actually go in without a little bit of sanding on the very end, just make sure to sand it away from the hole and clean it off really well so you don't have any of All 3 run through the 'IK2' connector located above the glove box. In either case the speedometer doesn't work ie. 82). In the fsm there's a test to make sure it's working. The cause of the problem was that the 12mm bolt used to fasten the speed sensor was broken so there was not enough contact. Thanks in advance, Jay The speed sensor on the 07 is located on the top of the engine on the left side. My 2000 needed a speedo sensor AND a new speedometer AND a fuel sending unit. Here's the kicker. If that looks good, then I would suspect whatever's between the sensor and the cluster head. A change in tire size may cause the speedometer to give off a constant inaccurate reading. Discussion Starter • #1 When six of the same type speedometer all stopped functioning, it meant teardown time to pinpoint the cause as well as come up with a remedy to get them back into working condition. S. The problem with a paddle wheel speed sensor is it is vulnerable to outside elements. I had a similar problem when I installed my SYE. Having the speedometer drop out after the timing belt replacement may just be coincidence. If it jumps, then the sensor, wiring, ECU and speedometer are OK. Hello everyone my speedometer and odometer stopped working in my 2009 Town and Country Limited my brake abs and ESP bas lights are on my Dash and every once in awhile my transmission won't change gears but won't this just be some sort of sensor or fuse issue? Has anyone else had this issue I have a 1998 Toyota Tacoma that has had the same issue. I have checked all the engine sensor connections and all are ok. Slide the red tab to the side, depress the top of the harness and slide off. The voltages are fine now, so I do not know what else it could be other than the speed sensor, but I do not know where to get to it I read up that if it's the wheel speed sensor located by the tires, it will sometimes make your speedometer quit working and show check engine light on. My speedometer stopped working and I get the ole blinking 'D' drive light. Greetings has anyone had an issue with the speedometer not working? 2007 Tuono; Im not getting my speed indicated OR the odomoter is not clicking off miles. I have cleaned the speed sensor, checked fuses, and checked connection to the digital display. My mpg/ice/hybrid system display is also not getting a speed reading and my cruise control doesn't work. This will ECU – Your LeSabre’s Engine Control Unit (ECU for short) is speedometer not working. So my speedometer is not working at all. Everything else in the car seems to be working If your odo and speedo etc doesnt work than its your speed sensor. If operation is not as specified, replace the sensor. Do not allow this assemble to hang by the wire harness! thanks for any input. The Variable Speed Sensor, also known as the VSS, is located on the transmission and will cause the speedometer to remain idle during acceleration if damaged. it should not be possible to inadvertently speed because of an incorrect speedometer reading. Note; you do NOT need to remove the drive axle to perform this work, I did it for photographic purposes. The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is literally the hub of engine activities – acting as the car’s Defective In cases where the speedometer does not settle on any particular reading but keeps moving between speeds, it is almost always due to bad wiring, in case of a cable system, or a faulty speed sensor. Aftermarket modifications, such as different tire and wheel sizes or different differential gearing, can cause speedometer inaccuracy. Re: speedometer/odometer not working Put the scanner on the car again and watch the vehicle speed on the scanner. Careful, it is possible to break the sensor. Okay, replace the panel, no change, all instruments work normally except speedometer and odometer. Is it easy to fix or do I have to take is to a mechanic . I replaced the gears but it still isn't functioning (though best as I can tell the gears only fix the odometer, not the speedo). You will need to find one at a scrapyard. WORK DONE :- had a spare W140 cluster with me so installed it . does it pick up the signal from the sensors in the front hubs. When ignition is initially turned on, the odometer will come on and then change to symbols, then back on. Assuming it was the Hall speed sensor I bought a 2nd hand one and swapped it in. DID YOU KNOW: Sometimes you might have an issue where the speedometer is working, but odometer is not. VSS – A faulty speed sensor will often be accompanied by the P0500 (VSS circuit malfunction) trouble code. Is this an indicator of anything else going on? Is this a relay or a sensor that could be going bad? Is there a speedometer sensor somewhere that I Volvo 700/900 Speedometer Repair. Now none of my break lights work (all three) and the cluster is still not working. I will read the OBD failure code tomorrow. First check fuse #15 under the dash (I think it's a 10 amp). Cruise is not working either. The hour meter is still functioning, but the speed and the trip are not. The Speedometer and tach stopped working, and the auto trans wouldn't shift out of 2nd. I just know my personal experience. where is the vehicle speed sensor located. Then there's a black module attached to that which is the speedometer sensor. For example, at 80 km/h, the indicated speed must be no more than 92 km/h. The dash board disassembly is the same also for the VDO model. Apply 12V to the speedo and press the needle on the shaft while the needle points to "zero". As mentioned earlier, most modern cars are fitted with an electronic speedometer, which depends on a transmission speed sensor to function. Out for the first trip with my xm and the speedometer is not working and obviously isn't reading miles. The technician I spoke with who was very cool. My name is Israel and am in San Antonio, TX I drive a '99 Ford Ranger 6 cyl and my speedometer is not working and the ABS light and check Engine light are on. It is throwing code P0720: "Output Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction" My guess is it is the output speed sensor. 94-97 get the speedo reading from the VSS. ) mounting hole. Once the sensor is removed, with the bike on the center stand and the transmission in neutral, rotate the rear wheel by hand. Engine is strong, runs fine. It started after I had the flex plate replaced (good to remind your wife NOT to try starting it while it is running!) I picked it up and decided to drive it to work the next day, about 30 miles round trip. There has been no code P0500 given to me at any point during this. Would flicker back and forth about 1/2" while moving at around 20 mph and reduced flicker at about 65 mph. This causes erratic Speed and/or Cadence SensorsSpeed and/or cadence sensors can be a little confusing, but hopefully this should help sort it out: some sensors only transmit sp This might be the result of an intermittent signal or a noisy signal that is confusing the system control module. You can easily get to it by safely raising and supporting the car and approaching it from underneath. Speedometer was not working and was by a local shop that i need to buy two sensors costing almost $200 . Ford. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. It wont hurt to try. The original part is #4010766, which if I found out was replaced with part # 4011111. When it was parked a year ago odometer and speedometer worked and the ABS light was off. Corrosion on the connection could also result in speedometer malfunction, and is generally corrected by cleaning, repair or replacement. If any of those 3 wires was shorted or pulled loose at the connector, that might explain a totally 'dead' speedometer. To remove the sensor, remove the retaining fastener and then gently lever the sensor up out of the housing. Then there is a test in the manual that tells you which wire from the sensor to connect to with your tester. Take the cluster apart down to the speedo itself and you can't miss it. If the Hall sensor or wire to it is bad, with the AWD still work? I just bought a 2001 Sportsman 400 and the speedometer/odometer are not working but the AWD is. The speedo sensor is on the side of the chain case. There's a sensor in the transmission that tells the instrument panel how fast the transmission is turning. Vehicle Speed Sensor "A" Range/Performance. Common reasons for this to happen: Broken Speed Sensor : A speed sensor has many purposes including indicating the speed of the vehicle, regulating flow of Faulty Fuse/Bad Wiring : In very wet conditions, it is possible for exposed wires to get wet and short out, causing a Malfunctioning ECU : The speedometer stopped working and the “Service Engine Soon” light came on: One problem that commonly occurs on Volkswagens equipped with digital speed sensors is that they can malfunction and stop sending information to the ECM. The speedometer is run electrically. I do not know about number ten in your procedure. Might be a failing Harley speed sensor. It is held in place with a 10mm bolt with a wire harness connected with a standard Chrysler connector. 1996 Ford ranger Speedometer has stopped working. They are blaming ECM reflash. Sometimes they work and sometimes they do not. Remove the sensor and see if it needs to be cleaned. So I have a 2003 Vegas and my speedometer stop working and engine light come's on once I start to travel. I asked him my speedometer isn't working and I said is it a speed senor. Maybe you have battery voltage, but too little current. Follow the wires from the speed sensor till you reach the plug. Verify the sensor is working first and there is a signal going to the cluster for that speed input. Re: Speedometer/Odometer not working, hard shifting Feb 25 2013, 9:22pm It could actually be a coincidence (like some bad wiring that got moved when they did the repair that they really didn't damage) or they may have shorted something out. . Weeds or debris can clog it and alter the reading or stop it from working completely. The tachometer works fine. I had to replace a speedo sensor in my one sled last season. When the speedometer stops working, many warning lights come on. One of the most common tech calls at Classic Instruments starts with, “My electric speedometer is not working!” Once power and ground to the instrument are verified, the next step is to determine if the speedometer is receiving a signal. A faulty speedometer can cause major driving issues, which can lead to speed-related accidents or an unnecessary speeding ticket from the police. With the front of the bike lifted and in N, spin the front tire and the LED should blink if the sensor is working. (i do not mean digital!) If the sensor is good it should read 12v-0v-12v when you move the tip over the sensor. In any case if your ECU is not complaining about a dead VSS (check engine light) and your cruise control is working, the problem lies with the mechanical components of the speedometer. Select a location and drill a 19 mm (0. If the sensor itself isn't the problem, it could be a damaged tone ring on the rear rotor. Checked continuity on the speed sensor itself, and it does show continuity when spun. look for rub thru's pinched wire or a bad connection to the speed sensor. 8 and 1. If the wheel speed sensor is the cause of a speedometer failure, the ABS and check engine lights will typically turn on as well. Right when i started it i had the code and the speedometer stopped working. So no speedo and no TC. Re: Speedometer not working. The car drives normal and the mpg is the same as before(I'm using gps for speed and mileage). A lot of the times a poor connection in the wires can cause issues such as intermittant problems like that. The sensor is located on the rear of the transmission held on by 2 10mm bolts. Did some research on this website and others and the consensus was the ABS speed sensor on the rear diff. There is even a chance that your “check engine light” may illuminate, alongside your malfunctioning speedometer. If you have a multimeter/ohmmeter you can test the sensor by putting the positive on the red side of the plug and negative on the black side and then get someone to spin the paddle wheel for you it should start to register continuity on the meter gauge. 1987 - 1996 F150 - Speedometer/Odometer Not Working, ABS Light On - 94 F150 XL 5. My speedometer is not working also im getting code P0500. I have a 2000 F250 7. 1995 odyssey with 203,000 miles. The tach, speedometer and transmission work fine now. Those gears only do the odometer and trip meter. Carefully lift speedometer assemble and move toward front of bike and when assemble is free, hang out of your way with wire or string. Going to have to trace that back and see what I come up with. Check the parts catalog on Pelican - fairly easy to replace. Kenworth parts guy said the sensor can be plugged in either way, doesn't matter. The speedometer has stopped working and I wanted to check if it could have anything to do with the engine speed sensor. On the motorway on the way back it worked most of the time but occasionally it was intermittent and the 5 product ratings - ARCTIC CAT SNOWMOBILE 2011-2020 Z1 TZ1 F5 F6 F8 SPEEDOMETER SENSOR 0430-091. Apr Check the wiring going down to the left side of the driveshaft. Mechanic's Assistant: Is there anything else the Mechanic should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you. Volvo 700/900 Speedometer Repair PDF [Davide D. This speedometer pitot was a breeze to install, and my speedometer works again. Pull the speed sensor back out of the transaxle and with a helper watching the speedometer with the key on, give the speedometer gear a 'flick' to turn it quickly. 1996 Ford ranger Speedometer has stopped working. textivo. I think they wanted $225. was the problem with 1) Remove the rear wheel speed sensor from the axle housing. If your speedometer (with speed sensor) is not reading or the needle is jumping all over the place, chances are you need to replace the speedometer cable. We all know that sometimes technology can be both a blessing or curse. What else do I need to do before paying someone to look at it. If odometer is working, it mght be the speedometer itself. If the car is running and the speedometer is not working I can switch the ignition off for a few seconds while the car is running let say at 30 mph or higher and turn it back on and the speedometer and odometer will work again. Found the problem when I removed all 5 connectors to the computer, under the hood on the drivers side, and put them back on. On older ABS systems, a fault code is typically set if there is a loss of a signal in a WSS circuit (shorted or open), or the reading from one WSS sensor differs significantly from the rest. How to fix speedometer problems in y A failing or dirty speed sensor can cause a whole host of problems, including turn signals that do not self cancel, engine stalling when coming to a stop, and an intermittent or non-functional speedometer/odometer gauge. It's a 3 legged blobular component next to the speedometer chip. Potential problems – Variable speed sensor – Exhaust gas recirculation system – Wire pack at rear of engine. The speedometer quit working on my rodeo a couple of weeks ago. VSS – A faulty speed sensor will often be accompanied by the P0500 (VSS circuit malfunction) trouble code. Found it for less than $40 on here replaced it and now my speedometer works again. 3 volts (two lithium cells). Some are saying it is a speed sensor, but the mechanic said it is still resting the history while it is working. then i would be going for the sensors. Rotate the needle counterclockwise and stop at 0. I replaced the vehicle speed sensor, and my first trip to work with the new sensor was fine. Best way to diagnose is with a scan tool that can read abs codes and data. How Does a Boat Speedometer Work – Phone App Version The speedometer on the '94 finally broke for the PO just before we bought it. I'm not sure about that. If that should check out, you know it is not the sensor. How long have they not been working? >He checked some other stuff which I didn't understand -- something to >do with vehicle sensors. The speedometer also may work frantically The transmission speed sensor does not only control the input and output shaft speed, meanwhile, it also plays a role in monitoring the cruise control. My speedometer (stock) stopped working. i switched the gauge cluster and that didnt work. trace till you find an open. I don't even know where to begin on all of this now. No speed displayed and the odometer does not turn. Thats where i would start. The rear sensor is for the ABS if you unplug it the ABS light will come on immediately . We replaced the new part of them both, but they were actually working the next day when we got the part so that wasn't the issue. Speedometer, odometer, & trip meter not working on my 95 Contour. The odometer will not reset. I swapped the 2 of them and when the turbo cluster was in none of the gages worked. Joined Feb 26, 2007 · 41 Posts . The answer is to use electromagnetism! The shaft that turns the car's wheels is connected to the speedometer by a long, flexible cable made of twisted wires. After the broken bolt was removed and replaced, everything started working perfectly to this day. The sender is pretty easy to test. The tires may not be the correct size. This Mustang Speedometer Cable is a direct replacement for 1979-93 Mustangs with cruise control and/or EFI (electronic fuel injection). Here is how it works. The magnet appears in place, and the wire appears intact. I assumed the culprit was the Speed Sensor. In the mid 90's the cable speedo was done away with if the odometer is electronic then the speedo works from the sensor on the transmission i would suspect if the sensor is the fault then the odometer would no longer count the miles and the turn signals would fail to self cancel so if the odometer is working i would suspect that the speedo is check the abs control module under the intake pipe on the passenger side of the engine compartment and ensure that it is plugged in correctly. The cables are not frayed and seem to be functioning correctly. I have checked the speed sensor. Registration is good through January so I need to get it fixed. 7 73 Starfire The speedo should use a "speed sensor" which is attached to the transmission in a similar way to how older cars had a speedo cable. This will often ECU – Your 500’s Engine Control Unit (ECU for short) is If it were a 94-97, I would tell you to make sure the sensor/gear is clocked correctly if you've had it out, and it's also possible that either the plastic gear on the speed sensor is stripped, or the plastic gear in the transmission. ) Fun, fun. Follow that up to the connector and check connection or perhaps a wire rubbing and grounded out. It said if the "S" light flashed- take to the nearest Honda dealer immedietly, because the electronics in the transmission were failing. The speedo wouldn't go over 40, but sled was going much faster. So it sounds like your VSS is bad. But the speedo worked fine. This Must. Side note I’ve replace plenty of the abs sensor in that series truck for no speedometer. This is what I'm using: Dominator ECU 558-504 Main Harness 558-401 J2A Auxiliary Harness 558-402 J2B Auxiliary Harness 553-106 Digital Dash Gear vendor overdrive 2-wire 40 tooth magnetic pickup AC volt. Speedometer not working, sensor? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 12 of 12 Posts. Calibration Warning: Do not program speedometer with battery connected or the key switch inthe “ON” posi-tion. Will my speedometer not working warrant a "Check Engine" light to turn on? From the image you provided, is the speed sensor viewable from the top of the engine, or is on the side of the transmission? (I have an MT RAV4). My 1994 80 series has just failed its MOT because the speedometer is not working. Speedometer not working. The main Integrated Chip on the speedometers circuit board has probably gone bad. Mechanic's Assistant: Is there anything else the Mechanic should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you. Speedometer/Odometer Not Working + Related Warning Lights (P0500) Edit: For anybody reading this in the future, this specific problem and solution applies to 2001 and 2002 4Runners and is resolved by replacing the ABS/TRC/VSC module (P/N 89540-35270). Mechanic's Assistant: Is there anything else the Mechanic should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you. from United Read on for some helpful suggestions if the speedometer is not working in your Honda Civic. 2) Connect a Digital Volt/Ohm Meter (DVOM) across the two sensor terminals and record the reading. The speed Wiring Issues – Exposed wiring to or from the VSS can cause your 500’s speedometer to no longer work. P0501 Vehicle Speed Sensor Range/Performance OBD-II Trouble Code Technical Description. You may also take note that your vehicle is not running as it should. When I try to select a different level, the icon just blinks and TC orange light remains lit. I have replaced the Speed sensor on the rear dif, without resolution. Can not access the trouble codes with the reset button. Speedometer and odometer are not working. Took it to the service center and the service adviser told me that a part has to be replaced inside the Gearbox and it would take 2 days to dismantle the whole gearbox and fix it. So my speedometer has not been working for a little bit now. We then tried the transmission speed sensor (Part #1-04799061AB) which cost about $40 ($30 with Chyrsler discount). I have found out that the speedometer usually isn't the problem it is the speed sensor. If you remove the sensor and look at the gearbox, you should see 'a' tab and it should spin when the wheel rotates. . If the fuse is good, check the Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS). Both the speedometer and the odometer were not working. Is the solution the speedometer cable or could it be something electrical. How to fix a speedometer gauge in your car DIY with Scotty Kilmer. Once home I looked up things that could be the problem. Most common cause of these symptoms is a bad wheel speed sensor and I believe a dead speedo usually points to the left rear wheel's sensor. Still no speedometer! So I did what I should have done in the first place and tested the sensor. 82. The most common trouble code for a speedometer problem will be P0500. Tests ok at battery voltage, but when connected to EPAS there is not enough current and voltage drops significantly. if your odometer isn't working, it's most likely your speed sensor on the transmission. The odometer and all the other gauges on the dash are working properly, the cruise control works perfectly and I DO NOT have the ABS light on and no codes on the scanner. Typically, these malfunctions are caused by an issue with a car's wiring, a broken gear in the speedometer system, a speed sensor issue or a faulty engine control unit (ECU). Its possible there is a broken wire, poor connection or faulty wheel speed sensor. This diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is a generic powertrain code, which means that it applies to OBD-II equipped vehicles, including but not limited to Honda, Proton, Kia, Dodge, Hyundai, VW, Jeep, etc. After turning the ignition off the odo and clock keep flashing. Variable speed sensor. If not then move on to the Speedometer. Your speedometer and odometer can start acting wonky (or stop working altogether) for two main reasons: either your vehicle's speed sensor or speedometer gauge cluster have failed. The most common causes of a speedometer that stopped working include are a faulty speed sensor, a broken gear on the speedometer, damaged wiring, or a faulty engine control unit. As with any brand of vehicle, Ford vehicles are susceptible to speedometer problems. T Also to determine if it is the TPMS receiver and not the speed sensor, if the speed is Hi I have the same problem with my speedo not working, i changed the sensor(no luck) I brought a replacement dash clocks and still no luck. If an erratic reading occurs, go back and retrace thecalibration process to be sure that the sensor is providing enough pulses per mile to give an accurate sensor signal to The speedometer sensor is located on the top right side of the differential housing (red arrow). S. Plenty of tubing to reach dash of my 17’ bowrider. The tac is working obviously is connected differently than the speedo. If your speedo didnt work but odo did and stuff thasn somethings wrong with your cluster. 0L V8 302 Automatic, So the truck sat for a year before I got it. Make sure to take the wheels off and look at your BMW ABS speed sensor wires as well. Hypertech is a SEMA member company dedicated to supporting the aftermarket distribution system, with innovative products that exceed consumer expectations in performance and quality. I also switched the trans sensor and didnt work. It will apply to many other models equipped with the Japanese YAZAKI speedo. Illuminated Check Engine Light Another reason to test your 2 or 3 wire speed sensor is of course, your speedometer is acting up or not working at all. C $25. It reads 0 mph while Im clearly not. Hello, looking for advice with my setup, trying to get the speedometer to work. Take it back, it is a d01 set code. There is only one code, but that is for a o2 sensor. While there are a variety of reasons your Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD speedometer is not working, the most common 3 are the vehicle speed sensor (VSS), a faulty speedometer, or an electrical issue. Pull it out and check on condition of worm gear. The ECU light turns on usually when I'm going down a hill and not accelerating (engine braking) and turns off when I hit the gas for a while, and it turns on whether the speedometer is working or not. There are several common causes for a speedometer to stop working. 4 k Ohms. Drive the car and see if the cruise control works. 35% of the time it's Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Speedometer, radio (or increasing volume) and others. >was because the speedometer and odometer were not working. If your speedometer is erratic, or doesn’t work at all, it could be because the dial or screen is not receiving consistent speed information from the transmission speed sensor. The mechanic said the exhaust camshaft sensor took care of the stalling at idle yet the next day it was right back to stalling every time i got to a stop light or sign. The temperature seems to be the key wether it works or not. I would remove the speed sensor, clean the contacts between the wiring and the actual sensor and then replace the sensor. Warning lights work but the speedometer doesn't move from 0 and I took at 12 mile ride today and the odometer didn't move nor did the hour meter. I've got the service manual if you need a look at the wiring schematics or something like that. I took the car to a dealer and they said the speed sensor is fine. When I turn the ignition on, the needle shakes a little bit. My 91 LS400 came with no lights on the instrument cluster working. I think if there is voltage there it would indicate a bad speedometer. Keep us posted. LaRy told, that fuel gauge and speedometer had common voltage stabilizer. Look inside the transmission to make sure the drive gear has all of it's teeth. BTW, that DTC i think should be a P0501. The one you are working with is for the RWABS; REAR WHEEL SPEED SENSOR From for 96 FSM VEHICLE SPEED SENSOR The Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) is a' pulse generator mounted to an adapter near the transmission output shaft. I took it to Advance Auto Parts for a diagnosis and got a P0500 code (vehicle speed sensor). That it must be split, frayed, compensated in some way. Anyone know how to test it because my speedometer only displays 0 mph and does not register any miles. I paid for the sensor to be changed because he said that it was giving Speedometer/Odometer failure is a common problem on high mileage 91-92 MR2s and is often due to a failure of either the gear insert or the "key" between the right-angle adapter and the cruise control sender. The sensor for the speedometer is in the tranny if its an automatic . When it is hot outside and sunny, it always works. The sensor is a magnet It's self that reads a raised spot on something somewhere in the tranny, haven't gotten THAT far yet, and cleaning could help it do It's job. Thats the best I can describe it. The only system that may not work if the nearside front speed sensor fails is speed dependent volume of the radio, which has a separate wire coming from the ABS unit. Now all the lights work but the speedometer, all odometers don't work. See link: https://media. Remove the sensor and clean dirt and any metal particles from the tip of the sensor. The sensor Is driven through the adapter by a speedometer pinion gear. So I found one on Ebay (#4011111) and installed it. then just for petes sake ensure that you have the right amount of fluid in the resevior. They are notoriously inaccurate and troublesome. The supplied 90 degree fitting to go through the transom is nicely relieved inside to prevent pinching or kinking of the tube. After driving the car for several months like this, I checked the codes You can take the sensor out and hook up your volt meter, one to each prong, and rotate it by hand. Replacing the bad speed sensor will solve this issue. A couple times on the drive home, it would flip up to speed and then back to zero. Besides the speed sensor issue, the speedometer used to fail sometimes (going back to 0kph) and then suddenly get back to working. Solution : If a bad sensor turns out to be the primary cause, the solution will most likely be to replace the wheel speed sensor. The gear on the speed sensor is the driven gear. It came to life after a couple weeks the first time, but it happened again and would not come back working. Sometimes, fine metal shavings or or a paste like film from normal transmission wear can cover the end of the sensor. first the two lights you said came on, and the scanner would not communicate either. Checked all the fuses, then the ignition switch connections. The mechanic I took it to is now telling me that it's the instrument cluster. There can also be no faults stored for this issue too. I am having a speedometer/odometer problem with my 1997. When my speedo was working I took the wire off of the sensor on the trans and the speedo stopped and then plugged it in and it April 10, 2020 If the speedometer of your chevy colorado isn't working, it will typically be caused by a vss (vehicle speed sensor) problem, or a bad ecu. The code is P0502: Speed sensor low input. Despite this issue the car drives very well. I replaced my about 3 months ago. stays at zero or below zero while driving. One thing was the Speed sensor. How to replace speed sensor. Still nothing. It had been giving him problems for awhile. Any troubleshooting pointers will really help. I checked my speed sensor cable and noticed that the wire was melted/frayed. skeezix, Jan 1, 2020 most likely your speedo sensor is faulty, there more the four sensors are not getting the signal from the speedo sensor 1 Like Re: Help!speedometer On 2009 Is Not Working And Abs/brake Light On by sholex111 ( m ): 9:06pm On Dec 14 , 2015 The speed sensor is right on top of the rear differential. No changes by me. Even have a shop try to clear codes. It was't. Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Ranger yourself? What have you tried so far? I haven Change the instrument cluster with a used one. 68-72 pulses per wheel revolution. I have replaced the speed sensor, and it did not make any difference. I noticed the old speed sensor had color coded wires while the new one has the same colored wires to both plugs. The cruise control uses the same sensors as your speedometer. I disconnected, applied dielectric grease, and reconnected the elect If there is no signal then you must replace speed sensor. When the speedometer would stop working, or erratically- it would not shift into overdrive and the "S" (sport) light would flash. ( Have cleaned them both) But a quick trouble check is with a multi meter check for power to one of the wires going to the trans sensor, if you have power there, check for power across the plug it won't be 12V more like 3 or 4 if you have that check for resistance across the sensor if none sensor is prolly bad, if you have no power to the plug check fuses, then check schematic tio find wire number, sometimes they change going thru a plug. They are not complicated fixes. 3. This will cause the sensor to work intermittently or not at all. It may be a speedometer gear inside the transmission. Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Ranger yourself? What have you tried so far? I haven Change the instrument cluster with a used one. The speedometer will not work or be erratic or get stuck! More than likely the Speedometer has gone bad but the Speed Sensor could also be bad! When the Speed Sensor is Bad: you will get a Check Engine Light in the Dash. The indicated speed must never be less than the actual speed, i. Mount the sensor where it will be exposed to outside air and will not be in direct sunlight. When the sun isn't beating down on my car and the engine isn't warm, it usually doesn't work. 1999 Ford Ranger Speedometer not working? I own a 1999 ford ranger, my speedometer no longer works and neither does the odometer. I pulled it and sent it to be rebuilt. I trust you have a workshop manual since you stated that everything tests out fine. The 2001 Dodge gets its speedometer signal from the rear abs sensor in the rear differential. I would take a look at that next first. ABS, TPMS, Traction control, parking brake lights all on, Speedometer not working I do know that my right front wheel speed sensor is shorted, found this out while doing logs after a recent tune. It has 1400 Ohms on it and according the the Chiltons book, it is within spec. ] I have written this guide based on the repair of a speedometer from my 1991 940se Wagon with a 140mph Yazaki speedometer. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 15 of 15 Posts. 2000 Standard Softtail My speedometer and odometer is not working I replaced the speed sensor but didn’t work . :thumbup: It is neither the output speed or input speed sensor. As I could see, they do it togeter. That is what runs your speedometer. If the battery was disconnected for the belt service (which would be prudent), it may have sent a spike during terminal reconnection that has caused a logic 'lock-up'? Disconnecting, then reconnecting the battery may reset this, if it is what has occurred. However, RPM and temp gauge works fine. No bounce, no movement, no nothing. The needle should return to zero and not below. I replaced the speed sensor on the rear differential, and both front wheel abs speed sensors. It started out by not working at all while driving around the farm track at Lincomb, and then started working after going over some potholes. I have now run out of ideas,did you have any luck getting your speedo to work,if so could you let me know what was the problem The speedometer and odometer in my 1998 V70 are malfunctioning. Has to be the sensor in the rear then, eh? Haven’t had a chance to pull and inspect yet. That sensor is very important because it does affect shifting its signal goes too a PSOM programable speedometer odometer module mounted behind the dash to the left of the glovebox . So I got a new (used) known to be working gauge cluster from War Wagon here. One thing that could be causing your speedometer to malfunction is the variable speed sensor unit. Ok, so i have a 1995 eclipse Gs Turbo and the speedometer is not working. Did some researching online and found another person with similar problem and replaced this sensor and got it working again. It appears that cable goes from under the dash wraps around behind the stereo then thru the bottom of the car and into the back of the transmission. The harley service manual says there is something up with the red wire from the speedo to the speedc sensor. This article applies to the Honda Civic (1992-2002) and Accord (1992-2002). FI light is probably flashing a code 11 VSS signal. 750 in. Mine is now doing the same thing. I have replaced the speed sensor and that didnt work. So I know it must be the line to the unit or the speed sensor went bad. When working properly however a paddle wheel speed sensor gives accurate speed readings. that will tell you if it's a sensor issue. Either way, it will need diagnostic plug in to monitor the ABS unit for each wheel speed, and also monitor the instrument cluster data to see what speed data its showing at the My speedometer/odometer suddenly become wildly erratic recently and moments later the "Check Engine Light" illuminated. RESULT:- the RPM gauge worked as did the other gauges but the speedometer did not work. Do you agree? Cell phone service is spotty here, best to proceed with email or text. This morning I noticed that my speedometer wasnt working. Ford f150 Speedometer will not work Home › Forums › Stay Dirty Lounge › Service and Repair Questions Answered Here › Ford f150 Speedometer will not work This topic contains 12 replies, has 5 voices, and was last updated by Bill 7 years, 7 months ago . Your sensor should be able to read some resistance. Could it not be grounding the sensor I mean? I don't want. Sometimes that sensor breaks. This is to check for an open winding. Speedometer behaves erratically or sometimes does not work at all; The check engine light comes on intermittently and sporadically when accelerating; The overdrive on/off light blinks on and on for no apparent reason; How to Test the Vehicle Speed Sensor The vehicle speed sensor does not control the speedometer directly , it is an input to the PCM/ECM - engine computer . Any ideas? I have mine running like that for about 2 weeks and one day I decided to swap it, and it work. the speedometer needle did not rise. Save yourself the time and just order a new sensor and put it in. My speedometer quit working. Exhaust Gas Recirculation System I don't think the blue speedo gear was directionally orientated. The sensor is held in place by one small Allen bolt and is a job that can be done at home. Just pull up on the needle, and see if it comes off easily. Went to the junkyard My speedometer stops working sometimes but works other times. i have check ABS sensor Left rear signal to the ABS control module. In most cases, only the wiring needs to be changed, or the sensors re-calibrated, to repair the problem. Sometimes the check engine light will come on by itself without the speedometer and odometer issues and the transmission will act more normal. it has three wires coming out of it. Because the speed sensor isn't working the Detach the brake line from the sensor; Remove the speed sensor and housing from the differential; Disconnect the sensor from the wiring housing; Install the new sensor and reverse the instructions; These are the most common reasons that your Dodge Ram 1500 speedometer may stop working properly. The speedometer needle should jump. In all likelihood a wire connector to that sensor is not connected (properly). 7L transmission, both using the same part. were is the VSS located on this car, also do i need to replace the output speed sensor or the revolution sensor. Use an OHM meter to test the integrity of the circuit of the sensor. 3) The reading should be between 0. Also, if speedometer in your Chevy stops working or reads erratically, test the cruise control out. All other gauges seem to function normal and sled runs great. Faulty Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) VSS harness is open or shorting; VSS circuit has a poor electrical connection; Faulty Engine Control Module (ECM) A speed sensor that has collapsed, may stop your speedometer from operating. I just replaced mine - it's also called the impulse sender. So what should I do next? According to the manual the speed sensor does not feed the ECM, so it must go to the speedometer directly? I am not sure. It was working last ride out, now its not. I'll take it to another dealer and see if they can fix it under On my way into work this morning, I noticed the speedo was no longer registering any speed while moving. Electrical or computer problems What Causes The Speedometer To Stop Working? Malfunctioning Speed Sensor. If your Ford’s speedometer is not working, it could be anything from a bad sensor to a malfunction in the dial. Riding to work this morning it seems the TC is also not working. To explain how to test a 2 or 3 wire speed sensor, the guys at Autometer put together a couple videos that walk you through the produces for each. Paul Rako. to by a new pic and then find I have same problem. speedometer sensor not working