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Oc44 transistor

oc44 transistor These were some of Germanium Transistors Sort by: Featured Items Newest Items Bestselling Alphabetical: A to Z Alphabetical: Z to A Avg. Typical lineup was OC170, OC44, OC45, OC71, OC81D into a pair of OC81s in push pull. The pin configuration is the same as that of a Bipolar Junction Transistor. Rather than change out the leaky original OC44 transistor, I simply added a bit of resistance damping in shunt to the primary coil of the first IF transformer, and the radio performs properly to this day. Diodes U6 40 Silicon Planar Transistors NPN sim. OC42 Transistor Datasheet pdf, OC42 Equivalent. Only handmade and hand-tuned devices can benefit from this nasty gremlin. Google fuzz face transistors. Modern digital testers often don't take Germanium transistor Leakage into account. the OC44 is a PNP germanium transistor preferred for AM (MW,LW) mixer and oscillator stages OC44 transistors. The original iconic Dallas Rangemaster never used The CV7003, "Yellow dot" OC44, OC44K, Gold Can OC44, OC44. transistors replaced with the dodgy AF117's which have developed a reputation for developing internal shorts. The ratio of change in collector-base voltage to the change in collector current at constant emitter current I E is known as output resistance. $8. The price varies depending on the specific transistor, with the lower end being a NOS Soviet device, through black glass Mullard transistors (OC44/OC45) and at the hight end, the ultra-rare yellow jacket Mullard OC44. OC43 First Black Glass developed for computers. 5. An added bonus with them is that they can be wired negative ground without issue usually so you can daisy chain it with your other pedals. pins / tip: 5 x 15 x mm / 0. Abstract: OC44 AD149 ASZ16 siemens transistor asy 27 AF124 ASZ15 GD241 transistor gc301 AC125F Text: Langwellenbereich GF105 AF101 OC44 OC613 97 99 99 99 P404 P406 P408 97 97 98 2SA15 2SA354 2SA16 2SA73 98 88 98 98 23. Qty: Description PNP Transistor OC44. transistors; the OC70 and OC71 a. In the following January Pye launched a transistor radio under its own name. The simple reflex receiver reflected on this page using an OC44 and an OC75 transistor, plus the RF stage using an AF124 which was the first stage of a three transistor reflex pocket radio with speaker output. I show three examples, one in classic GEC low-power encapsulation, one in a Mullard SO-2 glass can, and a third in a short SO-2 or TO-1 metal can made by Texas Instruments (UK). The early Philips/Mullard AF114 to AF117 signal transistor range worked well to 30MHz and far exceeded the performance of the original black painted glass body OC44 and OC45’s of early transistor radio fame as they had a much lower collector to base feedback capacitance and did Vintage Mullard Transistors This chart shows the pinout and data for AF114, AF115, AF116, AF117, OC26, OC44, OC45, OC65, OC66, OC70, OC71, OC72, 2-OC72, OC170, and OC171 transistors. I'd suggest you buy what you can get, build your booster using a transistor socket and try others as you come across them. Mullard KB/DG CV7003 OC44 Black Germanium Transistor Fuzz Pedal NOS Tested. The first germanium transistors that I encountered as a kid were the glass-encapsulated OCxx types - OC44, OC45, OC71, OC81D, OC81, etc. Gen. Operating voltages: Dry cell batteries/6 x 1. The column marked Case is the outline of the transistor case. " See all Item description Black Glass OC44 Features an NOS black glass Mullard OC44 transistor-- which is what some originals had. The transistor gains for the MKII should be something like 70 for Q1 and Q2 and 100 for Q3. In reality these two devices would be more accurately termed IF transistors. OC44 is suitable for boosters and preamps. This transistor is a Mullard CV7003, which is a military spec OC44 with HFE 96 & 16uA leakage current. The first British transistor radio was manufactured by Pye in June 1956. The secret to making these pedals sound good is biasing the transistor. 0 μA for silicon transistor and 2 to 5 μA for germanium transistor. OC44 OC 44 Ge-Transistor PNP TO1. Apparently some of the ancient germanium RF transistors, like the OC44 were more or less symmetrical. f. The Mullard Radio Valve Co. The OC44 model delivers thick, balanced and wooly tone and adds a low midrange presence. £20. Avoid false maneuvers because they only supports 10mA collector current ! AF114, 115, 116, 117, 118… OC44/OC45 RFG3 kit set: Type: OC44/OC45, Germanium Low Power Transistor: Manufacturer: Mullard: Year: 1959, originally supplied by Mullard in 1959 as a matched sets code RFG3 OC44 Yellow, OC45 Blue, OC45 Orange For instance the CV7003 is an OC44 in uniform. 7 V. Still topical in building clones. 10% Tolerance I have a Rangemaster type guitar pedal circuit that uses the OC44 germanium transistor. 35 W Material: plastic (not A transistor, also known as a BJT (Bipolar Junction Transistor), is a current driven semiconductor device which can be used to control the flow of electric current in which a small amount of current in the Base lead controls a larger current between the Collector and Emitter. f. Transistor - The Rangemaster PNP Japanese. GAIN che controlla la saturazione del transistor I don't know if it's any consolation, but unless you got it from a reputable dealer who measures each transistor and sells them with specs, good chance this OC44 would have had an unfavorable gain and/or leakage. SKU: SKU 28680: Weight: 0,77 g Our price: € 8,89 including Nowadays cheap transistor tester are avaible widelyso transistor selection is a tad easier. The E-B and B-C junctions are very different. The top countries of supplier is China, from which the percentage of oc44 supply is 100% respectively. Parameters and Characteristics New Gain Selected OC44 Transistor; Modern potentiometer; Original 1965 Circuit Design; Certificate of Authenticity; Can be used with Negative 9V Supply *** Please note All Compact Series Pedals require their own isolated 9V power supply. Effects Connection and Small Bear have them available and already tested. Technically, there is an input filter that cuts off some of the bass, then the signal is amplified with a slight distortion by a single transistor, the OC44 (or the OC71). High power transistors often offer lower gains - older power transistor types may be as low as 20 - 50, whereas the smaller transistors may offer gains anywhere between 50 and 1000. 59 x inch: Weight: 2 g / 0. My findings and the opinions of others I have counseled would suggest that the ones containing the OC44 germanium transistors deliver a smoother tone, and the OC71’s provide more ‘edge’ and higher harmonics. so we don't! Hand Built Rangemaster Trebel Boost, Vintage Oc44 Transistors, capacitors and resistors. 21v on the collector with all the "correct" circuit resistance values (68k Base resistor & 3k9 Emitter resistor). We want to take a moment here to explain how you can do this on your own for both the kit version and completed versions. Germanium BJT SPICE models based on parameters extracted from vintage OC44 and AC128 components by Holmes, Holters, and van Walstijn, as presented in "Comparison of Germanium Bipolar Junction Transistor Models for Real-Time Circuit Simulation”, Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects, Edinburgh, Scotland, Sept. Each one of these builds has as its most prominent feature the OC44. f. In all reality, they aren't any better sounding than other types, such as OC44, OC75, 2N404, 2N508, 2N527, etc. sul pannello si trovano tre comandi. 5 Transistor № 3 19 4. 5W/300V/0. This pedal is in excellent condition and perfect working order and comes with its original box, manual, and a Barefoot Button. Google hfe ranges for fuzz factory. and a. 25. • Philips or Sprague electrolytic capacitors. The OC44YJ has smooth, classy midrange, a prestigious tone and touch sensitivity. Same I just got some more vintage transistors, amongst many others, there are also two brand new OC44, so I gave this transistor a shot as the first transistor, knowing a friend in Germany is using this transistor in this schematic, but I must say, the AF127 is the much better choice. They are claimed to sound good with a soft clipping knee but also noisy, microphonic, temperature dependent and gain variable. $2,500. Most Rangemasters have a Mullard OC44 or an NTK275 (as used in the original Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face), although some boast a Mullard OC71. We feel that transistor choice is crucial, therefore we searched and found the best and extremely rare germanium transistors ever made : the CV7003, military-spec OC44 germanium transistors. The centre pin is bare wire and the two outside pins are covered with (removable) insulation; one pin has white insulation (on the side of the oc44 with a black stripe), the other has red insulation. Low leakage and easy to bias. 210C72, OA79 Diode BATTERY Eveready Type 744/6V Current Consumption: 11-14 Ma ALIGNMENT OF RECEIVER IF. Transistorens mikrochip pakkes ind i et lille hus med rumfangsdimensioner på typisk 2 mm (hus SOT23-3) til 4 cm (hus TO-3). If memory serves me correctly, it used two germanium transistors, OC71 and OC44. Mullard, who had previously designed thermionic valves for the Admiralty before becoming managing director of the Z Electric Lamp Co. 7 out of 5 stars 106 R2R Electric OC44 2 Knob Treble Booster features: • R2R Electric's tribute to the iconic Dallas Rangemaster circuit. It is used in about 80-95 percent of all transistor applications. With a few tweaks to our dizzy formula we had came up with the most vintage mid range presence heard on a dizzy tone yet. • OC44 germanium transistors. 5 or any other Grade "A" Military spec transistors . . 5 volt, Ever Ready PP11 Dimensions mm; W=245, H=170, D= 85 See the KB OP21 Transistor Rhapsody, in the Radio Museum If the transistor is made up of a silicon material, the base-emitter voltage (V BE) will be 0. Early 1964. The standard TO-5 metal case used on most JEDEC germanium transistors is hermetically sealed, so there should be no contamination after several decades. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Get the best deals for oc44 transistor mullard at eBay. Germanium BJT SPICE Models. 5+4. Version three takes the Dizzy Tone further into rich timbres by featuring an ultra rare holy grail Mullard OC44 Yellow Jacket germanium transistor-- limited edition. Perhaps a very tiny transistor that would work exist. (W)=80mI(CBO) Max. einem PNP oder einem AC128. not as rich sounding and well defined as the yellow jacket. Ic=1mA Icbo( µ A) Ucb=3V Transistor № 1 17 2. (A)=6. They have all been excellent military grade, low/no leakage and working so far. Customer Review Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Big Muff U2 60 Mixed Germanium Transistors AF/RF 10/-U3 75 Germanium Gold Bonded Diodes sim OAS, PA47 . The PNP Transistor has very similar characteristics to their NPN bipolar cousins, except that the polarities (or biasing) of the current and voltage directions are reversed for any one of the possible three configurations looked at in the first tutorial, Common Base, Common Emitter and Common Collector. 4. All measured data(at T amb =25°C/ 76°F) are shown below. Rare and pricey. In addition, BSM carefully selects the OC44 (about 50% are rejected) and OC76 (about 30% are rejected) used in its units. 5 volts Speaker: magneto-dynamic AP (permanent magnet and movable coil) Output power: 0. The earpiece is wired across the collector load resistor. This pedal features a Mullard CV7003 (mil-spec OC44) germanium transistor. The intermediate frequency is 458 KHz, the antenna has a ferrite core, the cabinet is made of wood covered with imitation leather with a carrying handle. The Germania features true bypass switches built with NOS European OC44 germanium transistors. About 50/60 hfe. californiavalveworks. The OC44 and OC45 used in early transistor sets tend to be reliable. Related: oc44 transistor mullard oc44 oc44 hfe germanium transistor cv7003 oc71: oc44 transistor mullard oc44 oc44 hfe The OC44 transistor was also a good performer, really drove the amp (or overdrove it, I should say), I just think its tone would serve better as an overdrive, so that's wot I'll use it for. The audio section was later updated to used OC78's and OC81's, and the R. transistors; and the OC72, OC78 and OC81 a Our Classic OC44 Booster is a clone of the legendary Dallas Rangemaster. Williams OC44 Ranger - Special LTD Edition - Germanium Treble Booster update 03/21: I now have 4 Yellow Jackets back in stock, please CONTACT me for more information. Type 2. UJT – Unijunction Transistor. Mar 4, 2016 #1 Can someone recommend a reputable place to buy some Mullard For this limited run of our Constellation Fuzz we carefully hand-select NOS germanium CV7003 transistors (military spec OC44) made in the UK by Texas Instruments in 1968. OC44 Mullard, Germanium Transistor, HFE 54, ICEO 0. 083 W PNP Transistor OC44 : PNP Transistor OC44. Il nostro OC44 è un booster con transistor al germanio n. If talking about the Rangemaster, one has to mention the vintage OC44, a germanium p-n-p transistor, and the key device to retaining this excellent tone with boost. Gibt es einen klanglichen unterschied zwischen einem originallem OC44 und z. With the contemporary recoil, we rediscover the quality of these transistors, the fineness of their sonic grain, and their real interest in designing modern boosters and fuzz … AC107 or OC44 (when available) germanium transistors Vintage CTS, Centralab, Piher or Stackpole potentiometer Philips or Sprague electrolytic capacitors 6 position rotary input capacitor switch with paper in oil or mylar audio grade capacitors 1960's Sprague Black Beauty or Bumblebee (when available) output capacitors In the later version (2-transistor plus earpiece), the audio output from the first transistor (OC44) goes to the slider of the volume control, whose track serves as one of the bias resistors for the second transistor (OC71). I don't know much about transistors though so I am just wondering if there is a modern production OC44-type transistor out there. 10/- U5 60 20dmA Sub-min. A good AC128 may sound much better than a bad OC44. Their maximum frequency remains limited, but they are not much leaky. The few-and-far-between CV7003, are extremely consistent and heat-resistant, much more so than the AC128 and NKT275 transistors, placing the Fuzz Phrase in a league of its own. Maximum frequency: It is necessary to make sure that the replacement transistor is able to operate at the required frequency. LIMITED EDITION OF 40 Serial #'s B001-B040 SOLD OUT Version 3 Yellow Jacket OC44 BPC NOS MULLARD OC44 LOADED Dallas Rangemaster This is a detailed replica of one of the world’s most iconic effects. New Black and Red graphic. Simplicity and Sensitivity with 3 transistors 2N4058 2N2926 OA73: Singletran: Aug 1963: A single transistor circuit which offers a loudspeaker output when a strong local signal is available GET114 or GET103 OA81: Multi-Tuner: Feb 1967: Six functions and the only switch is the on/off button OC44 OA81: Bass-Boost Portable: Apr 1972: LW/MW 2 These early germanium transistors were very simple inside - take a look at this X-ray of a Mullard black glass OC44 to appreciate just how simple: But they (usually) don’t. Classic OC44 Booster £130. This year Jext Telez returned to that secret well and dug deeper. Transistor pinouts and placements are correct. It is a three terminal current controlled device which can either be operated as switch or amplifier by providing small signal voltage. I have acquired what I believe to be a yellow jacket mullard oc44. The pre-amplifier consists of a two-transistor, directly-coupled input stage with equalisation provided by overall negative feedback. Transistors - OC44, OC45, OC45, OC71, OC78D, OC78, OC78. to provide replacements for the occasional faulty device. The transistor may be almost any PNP small signal germanium transistor, for example: 'RED SPOT', OC44, OC45, OC71, OC72, OC81, AF114, AF117, AC126, AC127, AC128 etc. TRANSISTORS OC44, OC45, OA79 Diode, OC71, 2x0C72 BATTERIES Eveready Type 744 6V Ma VOLTAGE TABLE Transistors ocu OC45 OC71 OC71 2*0C72 All measuremenis taken with 20K Ohms per voli meter Plus/Minus 50/0 Tolerance Function Frequency Converfor and Oscillator Amplifier Amplifier 1st Audio 2nd Audio Matched Pair Output Transistors For 2015 we went deep into our tone caves and harvested more rare germanium transistors a mega rare batch of 1958 mullard gold saucer OC44. 01uF) 630V Axial Polyester Capacitor Suitable for Hi Fi Audio. (OC44 col- Trimmtng Frequency 455 455 455 OC79 Winding, 2nd OC4S Collec+or Winding Two transistors, four resistors, three capacitors, and two controls make all that tone. ALIGNMENT Conned Sig. TELEFUNKEN has similar type OC613. All-glass body. b. Each individual transistor is measured for gain and leakage and then hand picked and matched through sound audition. 07 oz: Information source Get your "JDM Boost" here: http://goo. • Vintage CTS, Centralab, Piher or Stackpole potentiometer. Black Glass OC44 Features an NOS black glass Mullard OC44 transistor-- which is what some originals had. f. I just got some more vintage transistors, amongst many others, there are also two brand new OC44, so I gave this transistor a shot as the first transistor, knowing a friend in Germany is using this transistor in this schematic, but I must say, the AF127 is the much better choice. They equipped the historic Rangemasters. . rare OC75, and uber rare and vintage OC44 Made in Holland from the 1960s germanium transistors. The problem was that the circuit was not adjustable, but depended not only on precision components, but also the typical C-B capacitance of the transistor, so when I had to replace one of these EVER READY SKY LEADER TRANSISTOR RADIO. and there was nothing wrong with them. Dallas Rangemaster Treble booster. 23. In this Germanium Triangle that is the Royal Blues OC44, you can pick which of your favorite fuzzes to own with a Mullard OC44 in it! We will make the single transistor Rangemaster $259, a dual transistor Fuzz $279, and a tri-element Bender $299. These are TIGHTER TOLERANCE OC44 in SO-2 GLASS package All Point to Point Wiring - No Circuit Boards circa 1960/61 Perdio Londoner PR 7 Small portable, nylon cabinet 6 5/8 x 4 1/16 x 1 3/4 inches / 168 x 103 x 45 mm 2-band MW/LW, seven transistors (Mullard, OC44, 2x OC45, OC71, 2x OC81, OC81D), superheterodyne circuit 3. Transistor - The Rangemaster PNP US. These are untested and sold as/is, but if you need a matched pair or even just one piece tested, I can do that for $3 per transistor. Den enkelte transistor kan være indlejret i en lille mikrochip på fx 1 mm x 1 mm. I don't have a ton of experience comparing transistors but I have built treble boosters with OC44's, 71's, 72's, 76's and 2SB173's among others and I find the differences between all of them to be extremely slim. Transistor - The Rangemaster NPN OC140 Making a Transistor Radio was a success story, but what’s not so well-known is that there was a companion volume published a few years later in 1979. CV7003 (mil-spec OC44) are great transistors for Rangemaster clones. OC44 Datasheet, OC44 PDF, OC44 Data sheet, OC44 manual, OC44 pdf, OC44, datenblatt, Electronics OC44, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, Datasheets, data sheet, datas The descriptions which follow therefore apply to germanium p-n-p transistors in general, and in particular to small-signal r. Finished up another Dallas Rangemaster. Via 33000 pf to base 2nd OC45 Via 33000 pf to base 1st OC45 Via 33K ohm fop of i. The resulting treble booster circuit is a bland clone - minus the original sound. Date - 1960. So if an OC44 is 1500 grade, OC71’s fall between 1500 and 2000 grade. The switches give options between different orange drop capacitors to make it brighter or a little darker. Boom, everything works, sounds great, box it up, right? Vintage NOS Mullard OC44 "glass" Transistor hand selected and gain tested NOW WITH TIGHTER TOLERANCE CV7003, the Mullard SO-2 GLASS Military Spec OC44. The original is mounted in a box devoid of footswitch which is not very practical. 2N3819 N JFET TO92 SGD N Channel FET 25V 20mA . Ltd. LIMITED EDITION OF 40 Serial #'s B001-B040 SOLD OUT Version 3 Yellow Jacket OC44 Ac 125. gl/gUaHIk - We currently have the OC75, OC71, OC139, and 2N1304 available. BSY95A, 2N706 . • 6 position tone switch. $6. (Hz 2N5089 NPN Amplifier Transistor. 6 and 7. The few-and-far-between CV7003, are extremely consistent and heat-resistant, much more so than the AC128 and NKT275 transistors, placing the Fuzz Phrase in a league of its own. Transformer Driver transformer type TR190/EIP Output transformer type TR190/EIE Type 1. You can do it with two 9-volt batteries and a 3. The copy in my possession is a TR82D first series built in 1962, which uses an A177 chassis and the transistors Mullard OC44, OC45, OC45, OC71, OC78D, OC78, OC78. Tweaking Performance and Compensating For Transistor Gain: If you bought my breadboarding kit for the RM, the transistor supplied with it is guaranteed to bias such that the voltage at the Collector falls between 6. Our "standard germanium", "Texas Instruments OC44", and "Mullard OC44/CV7003" transistor options are all wired POSITIVE GROUND and CAN NOT BE DAISY-CHAINED from one power supply with modern negative ground pedals! You must power with one dedicated 9V, use an isolated supply like Voodoo Labs, or just use a battery. 7 Transistor № 2 18 3. OC44 Transistor (PNP) OC45 Transistor (PNP) OC71 Transistor (PNP) Two OC72 Transistor which are a 'matched pair' (Both PNP) OA91 Diode Medium Wave Ferrite Frame Red Oscillator Coil Orange I. Warm sound, great cleanability ! Flynn Amps. 7 Transistor № 6 25 2. 1 to 1. Transformer Black I. The effect pedal offers typical controls for Fuzz, Tone and Level, with which the effect can be precisely tuned. Output Resistance. Cole, for over 1 million pounds. Made by Philips group manufacturers. The word Transistor is formed from two words, one is “Transfer” and other is “Varistor”. The hottie 2SA15 HITACHI 1965 GERMANIUM TRANSISTOR DIRECT REPLACEMENT TO OC44 TYPES PERFECT FOR EFFECTS PEDAL PROJECTS AVERAGE CURRENT GAIN HFE 94 2SA15 SPEC: Ge PNP Lo-Pwr BJTHitachi SemiconductorV(BR)CBO (V)=16I(C) Abs. There are probably a few modern examples, but you invariably get less gain if you swap C/E. Very reliable. oc44 Philips black glass: rather big low end, but can be a bit woofy. Mullard utilised a different convention to identify the pinout and often printed a dot on the side of the transistor. 0m@V(CE) (V) (Test Condition)=6. . This pedal is a recreation of the original Dallas Rangemaster circuit, I use a genuine Mullard OC44 PNP Germanium transistor in this circuit, just like the originals. 2 volts--what I call the GEOFEX specification. Red dot indicates collector. What would you like to try? Each transistor is selected for low noise, sonic flavor and is carefully biased for optimal sound and performance. OCR Scan: PDF TNY 176 PN EQUIVALENT Is the red dot on a OC44 transistor the emitter? « on: October 17, 2004, 09:23:39 PM » I just bought some Mullard OC44 transistors and the pins aren't set in a triangle like the other transistors I've been using. Superheterodyne medium wave portable radio using seven germanium transistors: OC44, OC45, OC45, OC71, OC71, OC72, OC72 and a germanium diode OA79. Fast,easy ordering. 00 mA CV7003 (OC44) Military Specification Germanium Mesa PNP Medium Power Amplifier Transistor, NOS condition. It was the Pam model 710, that used 8 transistors made by Newmarket Transistors Ltd, which was a subsidiary of Pye. NPN: AC127, OC140. Save oc44 transistor to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Originally Tr1 would have been a 2G344 or OC44 and Tr2 and Tr3 either 2G303 or OC81 but finding and fitting silicon replacements for these was not straight forward ~ The OC44 is an 'RF' transistor and should be okay amplifying the baseband MPX signal but the same cannot be said of the OC81s which depending on the make can have up to 70pF or more collector to base capacitance OC44 Transistor. I still percieve it as well balanced. Homogeneous tone without special color. The Germania 44 sounds best when ran through the input of a tube amp. both Mullard Transistors (like an original Rangemaster). 8ohm - 0. Mullard OC44 germanium transistor. This unique treble booster will feature not only the iconic 1960s Mullard "Yellow Jacket" Transistors but the original 1960s Welwyn potentiometers making it one of the most authentic Treble Boosters ever produced in the modern era. I just got some more vintage transistors, amongst many others, there are also two brand new OC44, so I gave this transistor a shot as the first transistor, knowing a friend in Germany is using this transistor in this schematic, but I must say, the AF127 is the much better choice. The warm and smooth sounding amps of the period were transformed into guitar tones that are still a vital part of Rock music. f. The OC44 delivers thick, balanced and woolly tone with more low mid-range presence and the attitude slighty reserved-- but not much. Most early transistors were only specified for audio use, like the OC71. Making a Transistor Radio - Parts List Of course, if you had a time machine, you could visit the Peter Vis Hardware Mercantile Store , and I will pack all of these items for you in a nice brown paper bag. Now the transistor-line for production of an industrial transistor radio was complete. Fender Stratocaster - Line 6 DL4 for tape delay sim - Rangemaster - Divided by 13 RSA 23 - Marshall 4 x 12" cab (G12H30's) The Line 6 DL4 acts as a buffer to The OC44 was however exploited by Arbiter in the first Treble Booster, the Rangemaster, where its gain and bandwidth yet modest worked perfectly. The company soon moved to Hammersmith, London and then in 1923 to Balham, London. The Kriesler "Triplex" 41-21 is an all-transistor, battery-powered radio which uses reflexing. The main reasons for the high use of this circuit arrangement are: High Current Gain Williams Ranger Treble Boost - Dallas Range Master Replica - Genuine 1960's Mullard OC44 or OC71 Transistor Based on the Dallas Range Master, This was the secret weapon of British guitarist's back in the day. I just got some more vintage transistors, amongst many others, there are also two brand new OC44, so I gave this transistor a shot as the first transistor, knowing a friend in Germany is using this transistor in this schematic, but I must say, the AF127 is the much better choice. 26: time left: 21d 12h 55m: Proper biasing of the Germanium transistors found in Synthrotek’s Fuzz Face clone and the Face the Fuzz pedals is essential to getting the best (optimal) tone out of your product. The case drawings are shown at the bottom of the page. This version of the OC44 is the preferred "glass" version. Sil. Crazy Tube Circuits Constellation OC45 vs Constellation CV7003 (OC44) 15 Notable Overdrive Pedals with Clean Blend Control Eventide Releases Two Further Key Algorithm Extractions into Stand-Alone Pedal Format - the UltraTap Multi-Tap Delay and MicroPitch Dual Pitch-Shifted Delay In our experience there’s nothing quite like the CV7003, military-spec OC44 germanium transistors. 2N3819 N-Channel JFET. . Gain control-Varies the amount of gain and treble boost. 10/- U/ 16 Silicon Rectifiers Top-Hap 750mA up to 1000V 10/- ALL domestic transistor radios in the 50s and 60s used PNP Germanium transistors in my experience . Germanium transistors were less powerful than the silicon transistors that usurped the throne in the late ’60s, but their sound was more pleasing. Type Designator: OC44 Material of Transistor: Ge Polarity: PNP Maximum Collector Power Dissipation (Pc): 0. ON-Semi, Fairchild & Motorola Stock TRANSISTORS OC«, 2x0C45. The case is finished in tan that looks reddish brown in some light as shown in the photos. From around 1955 to the 1970s, a range of germanium alloy junction transistors manufactured by Philips in Holland became popular, and very well-known to the electronics engineers of the period, in particular the OC70 and OC71 (audio frequency), the OC72, OC78 and OC81 (audio output), and OC44 and OC45 (radio frequency, albeit to much lower frequencies than many contemporary "low frequency" transistors). transistor vergleichsliste. A four-position Depth control sets the pass-band of boost, which can be adjusted from the stock treble boost setting through to a smooth, harmonically Last year Jext Telez found a few hundred original Yellow Jacket Mullard OC44. Thread starter mach1; Start date Mar 4, 2016; mach1 Member. I know they are slightly newer than the photo you posted, but most folks won't know, and it really could be a factory part: the "S02"(?) case went out of style The Keeley Black Glass OC44 is a limited edition fuzz effect pedal that delivers authentic vintage sounds with British character using original OC44 germanium transistors manufactured in the 1960s in the Netherlands. The OC44 delivers thick, balanced and woolly tone with more low mid-range presence and the attitude slighty reserved-- but not much. Each channel uses an LRC2 package (consisting of an AD140 output transistor and an OC82DM driver) preceded by an OC44. The only culprit is Q3 which won't bias up properly when using an OC44 transistor. Transistor Assortment Kit Box by Loreso - 600 Piece 24 Value NPN PNP Transistor Box 2N2222 2N2907 BC327 BC337 BC556 2N3903 S9012 for Hobby Electronics, Audio-Video, Repair & Electronic Projects 4. Try small bear for reliability. Thomas Noah Cole was born in 1891 at Llanllwni, near Lampeter and brought up in Cardiff. Long Life; (1962) Tipo: Radio portatile a transistor Gamme: OM Transistor: OC44-OC45(2)-OC71(2)-OC72 (2) They are certainly not symmetrical in structure. F. It was primarily used in guitar effects equipment and amateur radio sets. These use the OC44 germanium transistor. Raytron Electronics (I); Mod. Category: Transformers Tags: glass encapsulated, Made in Great Britain, Mullard logo, Mullard OC44 Germanium Transistor Related products Gresham Audio Transformer Primary 25K Ohms to 600 Ohms Oil Filled Used old stock of OC45s, or most old stock of any germanium transistors. co. I highly recommend the Geofex article on the rangemaster. I tried a bunch of other OC75s, some Japanese 2SBxxx series transistors, some USSR ufos and so on. The CV7003 is a switching transistor with prototypes OC44, GET874 and STC types TK31C and ASY55. I am trying to locate the article for a simple 2 transistor topband AM phone transmitter from many years ago that I am sure appeared in PW sometime between 1958 and 1965. The radio has been cleaned and serviced with all original components and is in excellent working condition. com. 10/- U4 40 Germanium Transistors like OC8I, ACI28 . The transistors used in the Sternchen models varied over the years — the transistors used in this example include one black oval HWF OC811, one silver can OC816 with an "Fo" logo, one black oval IHT OC816, and three OC44 black Euro Common Type transistors. Mullard Limited was a British manufacturer of electronic components. The one with the higher voltage drop will correspond with the emitter of the transistor. As always, customization is available. 00 P&P . Gain ranges from 55-120. helps you learn transistor circuitry while building useful equipment at a sav- ing—Features circuits for instrumentation, high fre- quency, audio, entertain- Portable MW & LW 6 Transistor Radio Transistors; OC44 OC45 OC45 OC71 OC72 OC72 Power supply; 4. ECG271, 40V/2A Darlington PNP Plastic Power Transistor (NTE271), $5 ECG272, 100V/10A Darlington NPN Plastic Power Transistor (NTE272), $8 ECG282, 10W CB RF Final Power Transistor (NTE282), $8 ECG287 , 1. 6 x ETCO 2N1614 Hfe@ Uce=3 V. Controls: Gain control-Varies the amount of gain and treble boost. As soon as I replace Q3 with another germanium transistor everything works fine, though. It comes from a radio. Beauty has its price. G. $8. Used to create Eric Clapton's iconic sounds on the John Mayall "Bluesbreaker" album. f. It draws little current however so you can expect a lot of life out of any battery you use. In 1928 Ever Ready purchased Lissen Limited from its owner and Managing Director, T. All the parts where practical are vintage. The transistor was a Mullard or unbranded OC44 or Mullard OC71. The few-and-far-between CV7003, are extremely consistent and heat-resistant, much more so than the AC128 and NKT275 transistors, placing the Fuzz Phrase in a league of its own. These work great in fuzz pedals. Such transistors are obviously in very rarefied supply and the standard model appears to be discontinued, while it's still seemingly widely in stock. This pedal is in excellent condition and perfect working order and comes with its original box, manual, and a Barefoot Button. It is therefore easy to understand that this kind of transistor is not industry compatible. The OC44 transistors have been used in fuzz Each Fuzzlord Riff Master is loaded with a hand selected, exceptionally rare, NOS Phillips/Mullard “Red Dot” OC44 Germanium transistor as used in the original amp-top units from the 60’s. The current catalogue version is a red leather enclosed limited edition. Much like the original units, this pedal uses a positive-ground connection and is powered by 9v batteries only and not an AC adapter supply. Multiple mullard germanium transistors, all metered, mostly nos, all from the oc series. Treble Booster history Back in the early days of Rock'n'Roll, many guitarists (particularly blues players) began to turn their amps all the way to patent pending to get the sustain and tone they desired. 35A - SOT23-3L / TO-92 STripFET Power MOSFET: Unisonic Technologies: 2N7000 N-CHANNEL ENHANCEMENT MODE FIELD EFFECT TRANSISTOR The FF circuit is rather simple: 4 resistors, 3 caps, and 2 transistors. Finished up another Dallas Rangemaster. The few-and-far-between CV7003, are extremely consistent and heat-resistant, much more so than the AC128 and NKT275 transistors, placing the Fuzz Phrase in a league of its own. 5 Transistor № 4 20 4. The OC71 was configured as a microphone amp/modulator and the OC44 as a Hartley oscillator. 2017. Out of stock. All items are insured against loss and will require a signature upon delivery Details: mullard, yellow, jacket, tested, leakage, early, gain, circuit, fuzzface, clone GERMANIUM TRANSISTORS The following table lists the parameters for Germanium transistors. If you look at the market for vintage germanium transistors, the types that are most coveted, desirable, and (most importantly) expensive are those used in the past in a famous pedal used by a famous artist. Why are NPN types usually scarcer and more expensive? According to R. Crazy Tube Circuits Constellation OC45 vs Constellation CV7003 (OC44) 15 Notable Overdrive Pedals with Clean Blend Control Eventide Releases Two Further Key Algorithm Extractions into Stand-Alone Pedal Format - the UltraTap Multi-Tap Delay and MicroPitch Dual Pitch-Shifted Delay In our experience there’s nothing quite like the CV7003, military-spec OC44 germanium transistors. The first radio frequency transistors produced by the Philips Group were the OC45 and the OC44 both announced by Philips for the Firato 8-15th October 1956 [Philips 1956 courtesy Arnaud Also in 1956, Mullard announced the OC44 and OC45 transistors, the latter seems to be described all over the Web as "the first RF transistor", although I think this only applies to Europe. 0 Transistor № 5 20 2. Then get a "display" old-style Ge transistor, bust out the base, swab the white goo out (it is just thermal grease), hide the modern transistor inside. Usually, the device is held such that the flat side is facing toward the person. 4 For your collection: Date code 7115(1971-week 15) PAYMENT We accept PayPal only. The construction and terminal voltages for an NPN transistor are shown above. whichwas a about 17c in this case. I have Russian cheap mp21ds as a preference. CV7003 Germanium Transistor TI Mil-Spec (Mullard OC44) PNP 1968 PACKAGED: $13 New in unopened packaging and therefore untested and unsorted. All the way down to the original glass Mullard OC44 transistor, the "Dyna-Ranger" is a 5 range version of our favorite single germanium transistor treble booster from England used by an array of players from Eric Clapton and David Gilmour to Tony Iommi and Brian May. Transitor packages are the styles of case used to house transistor components, providing the connection between the die and the external circuit, as well as protection for the delicate die and perhaps capacity for removal of heat via heatsinks to avoid thermal damage. f. Ft 5MHz. This is the same but with the added four position tone filter. Text in other languages (may differ) Dimensions (WHD) incl. OC44 Among the first germanium, dedicated to radio frequencies. Very old transistor radios used to use those crappy germanium transistors begining with '2SB ' which also work very well. The preamp section also included resistors R1 through R17 and capacitors C1 through C8. These were used in the Dizzy Tone pedals and a small run of Analogman Beano Boosts. I'm thinking that the euro makers used the glass cases on germanium transistors, and they weren't hermetically sealed. Germanium diodes tend to deteriorate rather than completely die; often showing increased reverse leakage and increased forward resistance. Status - In my collection: This is one of a class of radios known as "cordless sets". Transformer White I. Because all the transistors are matched to be same Hfe with OC44 and everything is designed based on the Original Legend Rangemaster Treble Booster with Better quality components! Why do you use NPN Transistor? - With NPN Transistor you can connect the treble booster with your other pedals power supply without any polarity problem! The first sets used the generally reliable OC44/5 transistors with OC71's doing the audio work. So then I thought the OC44 alone wasn't enough mojo, and ended up finding some 1W Allen-Bradley carbon comp resistors, and a 5n6 Mullard mustard input cap. OC71s and an OC44. The latter types listed were often further encapulated in an aluminium can for improved heat dissipation - the OC81D was often used as a driver (ahead of an inter-stage phase-splitting transformer), and a pair Something went wrong. Each pedal is built by hand, one at a time in our workshop in Athens, Greece and comes in a beautiful laser-etched aluminum enclosure and natural stained wooden box. streethawk Frets: 1566 . LEVEL che regola il volume genereale. With a new, fully charged battery it biases up perfectly with -7. by Ian Batty PNP: OC44, OC71, OC75, OC77, OC81, AC122, AC128, AC151, NKT275. Tube OC 44 or Röhre OC44 ID33607, Transistor, Wires and Frequency converter shown. MULLARD/PHILIPS OC44, vintage NOS Germanium PNP Transistor HFE 114 Vintage solid state - Transistors. which appears to has a red dot at the top but not next to a pin. Same as type 1 but with the addition of an extra transistor (two transistors [Mullard OC71 & OC44] switchable). These most sought after transistors only come into stock occasionally, so please check in advance. Type 4. Transistors 10 December, 2020. s. Mullard oc44 yellow jacket transistor early 1960s. Type 3. This Special Edition Limited run of Ranger features an original 1960's Yellow Jacket Mullard Transistor, a 3-way Body Switch and Gold Hammered Case. Messages 513. I played two riffs with each transistor: click all were biased as close to 7V as possible. Crazy Tube Circuits Constellation OC45 vs Constellation CV7003 (OC44) 15 Notable Overdrive Pedals with Clean Blend Control Eventide Releases Two Further Key Algorithm Extractions into Stand-Alone Pedal Format - the UltraTap Multi-Tap Delay and MicroPitch Dual Pitch-Shifted Delay In our experience there’s nothing quite like the CV7003, military-spec OC44 germanium transistors. The next generation was the AF114/115/116/117 and the OC169/170/171. 0f(T) Min. oc 44, transistor germanium pnp / am-v/m/o / 15mhz case: to-1 = cv7003 ti/oc1044e marking transistor oc 44, transistor germanium pnp / am-v/m/o / 15mhz case: to-1 = cv7003 ti/oc1044e marking transistor OC44 … First generation HF transistors, still in Black Glass housing. Each pedal has a very low leakage NOS black glass OC44, OC71 or OC139 germanium transistor. The pins are numbered from 1 to 3 starting from left to right. PNP germanium alloy transistor intended as IF amplifier in AM broadcast receivers. =60@I(C) (A) (Test Condition)=1. figuring out collector from emitter is a bit harder. The Germania 44 is identical to the standardGermania pedal, except that the Germania 44 uses the coveted European OC44 transistor. com. Examples of alloy-junction transistors are the OC44 and AC128. This is due to the nature of the PNP Transistors which cannot be used with a daisy-chained supply. 5A NPN HV Transistor (NTE287), $7 Germanium diodes were used for Radar during WW2. 20 x 0. of Southfields, London, was founded in 1920 by Captain Stanley R. Besides the potentiometer (usually 10k, sometimes 20k) and the on/off switch, the circuitry contains one germanium transistor, four capacitors, three resistors, and a battery. It is made to stand on top of an amplifier rather than on the floor. Player's choice! Other transistors are available upon request. OC44 CV7003 Texas Instruments Germanium Transistor Fuzz Effect Pedals NOS quantity Add to basket Category: Valves & Transistors Tags: Fuzz Effects Pedals , Germanium Transistor , OC44 CV7003 , Texas Instruments Unit 4 Daux Road, Billingshurst, West Sussex, RH14 9SJ Tel: +44 1403 785600 Fax: +44 1403 785656 Email: enquiries@langrex. Seems like pretty simple stuff, and in principle it is, but there is plenty of black magic and mystery associated with a good sounding Fuzz circuit, and it takes a lot of effort to get the things sounding just right. A basic unit with no filter switch and a choice of either an OC71 or OC44…. Transistors 09 December, OC44 Dallas Rangemaster Clones. It is possible for the second IF transformer to be faulty, even if the resistance measurements seem normal. o. 0uh(fe) Min. Our Price: $ 5. This is another proper RangeMaster clone - with CV7003 military spec core Germanium OC44 transistor. 25. An AC128 transistor is a germanium positive-negative-positive (PNP) small-signal amplifier. The current is temperature depends and its value range from 0. Namely carbon film resistors and the main element the oc44 mullard transistor all sourced around 1960s/70s and individually selected to suit the specific type of boost you are looking for. Uses an actual NOS Mullard OC44 transistor. Slightly leaky. Remarkably, it is still in demand as it is held to give a unique sound in vintage-style fuzz boxes; see www. The owners of these pedals have had magnanimous declarations about the greatness of those transistors. The first transistor is set up with the simplest of arrangements - input through a DC blocking capacitor directly to the base, emitter grounded, and a single collector resistor; the driven load is a second transistor base, directly coupled. 3K resistor if you hook them all in series with a transistor, in one of the configurations the transistor's EB junction will zener at around 6 to 15 volts. SS Current gain. transistors and medium-power output transistors. Very rare model, good condition. Cases GEC MAZDA STC AEI HIVAC NEWMARKET TEXAS Transistors After some searching, I found this Mullard OC44 transistor that tested somewhat low for the recommended hFE levels for a treble booster, but I tested it anyway and LOVED how it sounded. The switches give options between different orange drop capacitors to make it brighter or a little darker. This is a very nice example of Ever Ready’s Sky series portable transistor radio. 163760. This can effect gain readings. Keen, the physical characteristics of germanium made it much easier at the time to manufacture PNP devices rather than NPN. hifi: valve & transistor Sort by Featured Best Selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, new to old Date, old to new Filters In January VALVO has the first real RF transistor OC44 for application in RF mixers. com. . Note: Not all headings are the same parameter. Swart Atomic Boost treble booster pedal for sale. En transistor er en elektronisk komponent lavet af en halvleder og med mindst 3 tilledninger. Quantity in Stock: (Out of Stock) Product Code: 4100. OC44 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search. 3 V. The invention and development of solid-state semiconductors (transistors) has a long history of milestones: The German physicist Julius Edgar Lilienfeld filed a patent for a field-effect transistor in Canada in 1925, intended as a solid state substitute for the electron tube (triode). This pedal features a Mullard CV7003 (mil-spec OC44) germanium transistor. Used by almost everyone in the 1960’s, the list of Rangemaster users includes Eric Clapton (with the Bluesbreakers), Rory Gallagher, Brian May and Billy Gibbons who uses his to great effect with a Tweed Deluxe. 10nF (0. The OC44 was a PNP germanium transistor made by Mullard. These devices have a much larger reverse beta than the typical epitaxial silicon transistors. 00 Price The correct answer seems to be: Uf=(Vf) forward voltage drop between the base and the emitter For silicon transistors this is usually just below 700mV, whilst some of the germanium transistors (I've tested with a similar 'electronic components tester') Uf goes somewhere between 100mV and 200mV (OC74=~120mV) (OC79=~176mV) (OC44=~146mV). Get the best deals for oc44 transistor at eBay. + Update your shipping location 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1 The AC128 sounds different but good in its own right. February 2014 edited February 2014 in FX £ This Bush TR82B is a 1959 London built transistor radio with OC44, OC45, OC71 and OC72 transistors. 1 Original Tungsram AC153K PNP high gain Germanium transistor. uk The Divided by 13 Dyna-Ranger, according to Divided by 13: All the way down to the original glass Mullard OC44 transistor, the "Dyna-Ranger" is a 5 range version of our favorite single germanium OC44 OC 44 Ge-Transistor PNP TO1. There are alloy junction silicon transistors such as the Raytheon CK793, but the diffusion mesa (2N497, 2N1047) and planar passivated epitaxial growth manufacturing processes soon made them New old stock Mullard OC44 Transistor All products available from stock. as a little bonus I recorded a little soundclip. It was again at the Industrial Fair in April when the first two transistor pocket-sized radios appeared: Denmark Street Guitars and The British Pedal Company are pleased to announce a dealer excluding run of NOS Mullard OC44 Yellow Jacket Rangemasters. The AC128 transistor has become virtually obsolete, as have most other germanium transistors. . The NOS germanium transistors cost many times the price of the more commonly available AC122, AC128, etc. Germanium transistors appeared about a decade later. The OC44/45 transistors were the first generation of germanium RF transistors commonly available for hobby use in Australia, if you don't count the old "top hat" Ediswan XA101 etc. (this is not an equivalent OC44, this is the real deal) " Mullard OC44 Yellow jacket transistor. Swart Atomic Boost treble booster pedal for sale. F. Pin 1 is the anode, Pin 2 is the Gate and Pin 3 is the cathode. Year: 1961 Semiconductors (transistor) 7: OC44 OC45 OC45 OC71 OC71 OC72 OC72 OA70 OA70 General principle: superheterodyne (in general); ZF/IF 455 kHz Wavebands: SW, BC, LW Wavebands: BC, LW, SW. View cart for details. 00 + £10. In our experience there’s nothing quite like the CV7003, military-spec OC44 germanium transistors. Socket and try whatever you can find that's a pnp. Preamp Stage - The initial preamp gain stage was powered by two OC44 germanium transistors noted as TR1 and TR2 on JMI schematic A62/030. Radio tubes are valves. Product description The Homebrew Electronics Germania 44 is a Treble Booster providing up to 20db of gain. com, mainly located in Asia. The receiver here featured is identical to the Bush MB60 5 valve radio that was being marketed in 1957. 50. Good for boosters or preamps. It was produced in the late 50s/early 60s and was sold with a plastic case that came in one of three colours (pink, brown or red). Your chance to get a MkIII with Keeley touches. Given this, I now believe Bolan had one which contained an OC71. This will be a fun project in any event!! Cheers, Billy The OC44 black glass transistors are only 5mm in dia. Collector-base voltages (V CB) for npn and pnp transistors The original OC81D transistors will be very hard to find and very expensive if you do find them. Those 2N404 parts will work fine. The first circuit was published in the February 1972 issue of "The Radio Contructor" a Periodical published in UK. The Rangebooster uses an OC44 Germanium transistor (or the military high specification equivalent CV7003), and the unique properties of the OC44 transistor require that each pedal is custom biased/tuned to achieve the optimum performance from the OC44. Even 12V communications receivers like the Eddystone EC10 and Heathkit Mohican used a similar lineup ! Roger G3YRO N-Channel Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor: General Semiconductor: 2N7000 DMOS Transistors (N-Channel) SemiWell Semiconductor: 2N7000 Logic N-Channel MOSFET: STMicroelectronics: 2N7000 N-channel 60V - 1. SKU: SKU 28680: Weight: 0,77 g Our price: € 8,89 including Most Commonly Used Transistor Connection: From all of three BJT transistor connections, the most commonly used transistor connection is a common emitter circuit, because it is the most efficient one. A third OC44 germanium transistor labeled TR3 provided gain recovery after the tone controls. The specified RF types like the OC44 were only good for a few MHz. germanium transistors (211) valve bases (86) top caps and retainers (37) oc44 texas instruments vintage germanium transistor . (A) Collector Current=15mAbsolute Max. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! High frequency transistors. Keep in mind that germanium transistors vary a good deal. The original Germanium transistor was the Mullard OC44, long time ago discontinued. Out of stock. com A wide variety of oc44 options are available to you, There are 13 suppliers who sells oc44 on Alibaba. If the transistor is made up of a germanium material, the base-emitter voltage (V BE) will be 0. April 2005, 20:13. Thus the present article will be concerned primarily with the OC44 and OC45 r. Mullard OC44 Yellowjacket germ transistor. These use the OC44 germanium transistor. 00 In the 1960's there was one pedal that every British lead guitarist knew they needed…the Dallas Rangemaster. Power Diss. There are enough spares from scrap sets etc. 1,609 oc44 products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba. N. These were used in the dizzy tone pedals and a small run of analog man Bean boosts. The model D differs from the model C as it is characterized by some aesthetic embellishment in the cabinet with the use of ivory plastic and a light brown band around it. oc44 transistor